Online Career Counselling Session held for Class 12th

Online Career Counselling Session held for Class 12th


On 19th September 2020, DPS Srinagar organized a career counselling session for students of 12th Class, Arts Stream. The session was held Online via a platform called Zoom meetings. The resource person for the session was Mr Mushafiq Bhat, Ex-student of DPS who is currently pursuing engineering in New-Zealand.

The session aimed at making the audience aware of the multiple career options available. The resource person shared information regarding various courses available, and urged students to identify their interests and strengths. He also advised them to plan multiple activities during their vacations to hone their skills. He recommended the students that they should not drop years as it makes the student unprofessional in the eyes of universities and prospective employers. Dropping years unnecessarily gives the impression of non-seriousness from the student’s end. But if due to some reasons students are dropping the year or two, they should cover this gap by doing internships, projects and research work. They should constructively engage themselves in productive work like working on soft skills like interpersonal skills, communication skills etc. and IT skills like programming, computer skills etc. which will give them the extra edge than the other students.

Moreover, the resource person also emphasised on the importance of co-curricular activities like taking part in games, debating, event management etc. as it instills the discipline and team-work in the students which will make them more responsible in their work-life.

Mr Mushafiq emphasized that the choosing career is not a single step rather it involves a series of steps like self-awareness, knowing aptitude & interests, the scope of study etc. He urged the students to always have a Plan-B or a backup plan if in case the primary career plan fails, the students can opt for a backup plan and can save their precious time. The speaker also talked about time- management and its importance in turning dreams into reality. Time-management is an important & utmost skill a student must have if he wants to achieve something big in his/her career.

Overall, the session was very informative and enriching for students. It gave everyone a clear perspective for the long run. All the factors affecting the choice of the students were addressed and the stereotypes regarding the choices were dispelled.