Capacity building workshop on discovering ‘Inner Child’ held

Capacity building workshop on discovering ‘Inner Child’ held


The school organised a workshop titled “Inner Child” for teachers of Tiny Tots and Learning Resource Centre from 24th February to 29th February, 2020. The resource person was Mr Vikramjeet Sinha, an Art Based Therapist/Stage Actor and Director based in Delhi. The aim of the workshop was to let the teachers renew their connection with their inner selves, believing in change and the power of curiosity.

The workshop sought to dwell and focus on the ‘inner child’ inside everyone irrespective of age, geography and profession. The inner child can be orphaned, rebel, magical or divine, and its nature manifests itself throughout our life. Many interesting activities were undertaken that helped participating teachers to tune in and feel their emotions, creating a safe space to release, validate and accept their emotions. The workshop also enabled teachers to connect with their inner child and to see the bigger picture and get an insight that growing up needs growing within. Perpetual compliance is not always desirable, rather curiosity, rebelliousness, passion and non-conformity are demanded.

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