School conducts Inter House Kashmiri Elocution

School conducts Inter House Kashmiri Elocution


An inter-house kashmiri elocution  competition was held for the students of Class III-VI  (Under12 Division) and Class VII-X (Under 16 Division) at Delhi Public School, Srinagar on October 9, 2018. The topic was “Kashiran seath Kashir searey Nate wearanik hearaan kaaw”.

Each house was represented by two participants . The students spoke eloquently on the topic and impressed the judges with their thoughtful insights.

The judges for the event were Ms. Farida John, Ms. Dheeba Nazir, Mr. Sajid, Ms. Shazia Arshid. Principal Mr. Alastair R Freese and Vice-Principal Ms. Shafaq Afshan, Ms. Monisa Khursheed and Ms. Hina Qadri were also present during the occasion.

The detailed results of the event are as follows:

INTER HOUSE Kashmiri Elocution

U12 Division for Boys & Girls

  • 1st Position- Poplar House
  • 2nd Position- Oak House
  • 3rd Position-Willow House
  • 4th Position- Deodar House
  • 5th Position- Chinar House
  • 6th Position- Maple House

Ist Position: Saheem Hameed                       Class VI E

2nd Position: Syed Shahzadi Haif                 Class V I

3rd Position: Rida Rafiq                                  Class V C

U16 Division for Boys & Girls

  • 1st  Position- Chinar House
  • 2nd Position- DeodarHouse and Willow House
  • 3rd Position- Maple House
  • 4th Position- PoplarHouse
  • 5th Position- Oak House

Ist  Position :Sadiyah                            Class VIII E

2nd Position: Leeza Riyaz                    Class VIII G

3rd Position: Tabinda                           Class IX H



  • 1st Position – Poplar House
  • 2nd Position – Willow House
  • 3rd Position – Oak House
  • 4th Position – Deodar House
  • 5th Position – Chinar House
  • 6th Position – Maple House