Annual Orientation Class 3rd and 4th

Annual Orientation Class 3rd and 4th


The first annual orientation program was held on 3rd March 2018. The Academic in charge (3rd and 4th) Miss Bilquees inaugurated the proceedings. She briefed the parents about the assessment procedure, academic plans and all the curricular and extracurricular activities to be followed this year. The chairman Mr. Vijay Dhar interacted with the parents and exchanged his views on how the school is going to work. He laid stress on the point that parents are a part and parcel of the school. They need to participate actively in every activity provided to them.

 Coordinators for various subjects also interacted with the parents and discussed various evaluation parameters and the activities done in the class through out the year.

 Important points discussed in the programme were: –

  1. Children should bring notebooks as per the schedule provided to them, rather than overloading their bags with all the notebooks and parents should also cross check the same.
  2. Parents must encourage their children for the positives they have and ensure constructive interaction with them.
  3. Parents must ensure that their children come in neat and proper school uniform as it adds to their confidence

Suggestions of the parents: –

  1. Art, Music and sports must be given equal importance in the curricula.
  2. Punjabi language should also be introduced.

3. All the school buses must have a teacher to monitor the activities of students.

  1. children should be trained well to face the exams like Math and science Olympiad