Activity of the month


Poetry is a universal language that taps listeners’ heart and soul in such a way, all other texts may miss.

We have selected poetry as an activity in our library as poetry can boost language skills in students and fulfil their need for self-expression.

Those children who cannot articulate their thoughts in front of others can either read or write a poem in their own language and can express their feelings and ideas.

Mostly children are apprehensive about presenting their own verses or don’t have much exposure to different types of poetry, so we have introduced four types of poetry:

  • Haiku
  • Cinquain
  • Acrostic
  • Limerick

Outcome of the activity:

 Students from class 3rd to 10th participated enthusiastically in the activity, as they got a chance to experiment with language and vocabulary and they also shared their ideas freely without confinement of perfect grammar or firm structure.

Class 3rd to 5th students decorated their poetry by using crayons and colorful papers.

Class 6th to 10th students tried to write all the four types of poetry, but succeeded in writing good ‘Haiku’ and ‘Acrostic’ only. They also did blackout poetry, which they enjoyed the most.

A collage was made of the selected poems written by students from every class and has been displayed on the display board in the library.