School organizes ‘Capacity building program’ for teachers

School organizes ‘Capacity building program’ for teachers


A capacity building programme / workshop was organized for teachers of classes III to VI on 9th march 2019. It was conducted by Prof. (Dr.) B.L Handoo, a renowned educationist.

In this workshop Prof. Handoo discussed the following issues:

  • Effective teaching learning
  • Reinforcement
  • Building self-esteem of students
  • Four style of learning
  • Differentiated teaching learning

Also, a group activity was conducted – groups of 6 teachers were made and asked to prepare a flow chart on topic “How to become an effective teacher?” All teachers enthusiastically took part in this activity and jotted down their ideas in a creative way. At the end one member from each group gave presentation of their respective flow chart, which provided the others valuable insights on pedagogy.