School wins rich haul at State Level Thang Ta

School wins rich haul at State Level Thang Ta


In the recently held State Level Thang Ta Competition held at Sher e Kashmir Stadium from 3-6th November 2018, the school bagged a rich haul of medals.  The school won 28 medals including 5 GOLD medals 11 silver and 12 bronze medals. Children from 16 districts across the state of Jammu and Kashmir had participated in this event. The Principal Alistair R A Freese congratulated the winners and said ”It is a matter of great pride for the school to emerge as the lead winner among the sixteen districts.” Commenting on the grand haul, the Chairman Mr Vijay Dhar remarked “Congratulations to students. The school always strives to promote in students a desire to excel, and these results are a testimony to that.”

Name of the medalists are as


  1. Sairah zahoor 8th E
  2. Laiba Emaan 4th G
  3. Farhaan 11th A1
  4. Hanaan 11th A1
  5. Tabasum Fatima  7th A


  1. Aidah nazir  4th G
  2. Alishba jilaani 4th B
  3. Zara bhat 6th E
  4. Sheikh hadiqa 7th A
  5. Zara jameel 8th C
  6. Injila 7th C
  7. Fatima 10th H
  8. Bariq parvez  8th A
  9. Romaan  8th I
  10. Faiq 10th I
  11. Yamin  8th F 


  1. Neemat un nisa 5th A
  2. Muqadas  5th D
  3. Fatimah irfan  4th G
  4. Nashra  6th E
  5. Aisha Younis 6th B
  6. Mysha  3rd C
  7. Leena 8th C
  8. Insha shah 8th H
  9. Moomina 10th H
  10. Nimra 8th C
  11. Mateen 6th D
  12. Shah ubaid  4th H